We are a consulting studio, based in Berlin.

We create environments with and for organizations where people adapt an entrepreneurial spirit and start to ignore gravity.

Serendipity, synchronicity, love at first sight

For whatever reason, three soon-to-be co-founders met in 2011 and figured out: We’re quite different, yet fascinated with the same thing: working with organizations and communities on tough challenges that can only be solved through intense human collaboration and co-creation.

But as a three-man-show only gets you so far, we’re glad to work with an inner circle of skilled and diverse people and a community of other exciting organizations.

  • Co-Founder bernhard-krusche

    Dr. Bernhard Krusche

    Anthropologist, author and explorer of the Next Society. At IG, he’s the expert on post-heroic leadership & corporate innovation.

  • Co-Founder jan-bathel

    Jan Bathel

    Curious curator and artist, coach and business developer for border-crossing activities. At IG he strives to design innovative formats and third places.

  • Co-Founder jonathan-imme

    Jonathan Imme

    Music business major, tech geek, entrepreneur, in love with bad puns. At IG, he’s focused on (un)conferences, innovation labs and the development of eventflow.

  • Inner Circle Foto Christina Bösenberg

    Christina Bösenberg

    Business psychologist, transformation catalyst, charity campaigner. At IG she orchestrates leadership development programs.

  • Inner Circle Lea quatrat 13 08

    Lea Gscheidel

    General manager, aspirant coder, deep into live performing arts. At IG, she’s the Project Manager.

  • Inner Circle philipp-rafelsberger

    Philipp Rafelsberger

    Business major, juggler, tuned to great bass lines. At IG, he’s surfing all size waves of group dynamics & intercultural mix-ups.

  • Inner Circle Rabea Edel

    Rabea Edel

    Writer, novelist, journalist, translator, moderator and “making things happen” in the mean time. Chief editor of the »REVUE-Magazine for the Next Society«.

  • Community duso


    Whoever said Germans & Austrians don’t get along? We love working with Denkbar&So as they really understand complex IT systems AND change Mgmt.

  • Community innovation evangelists

    innovation evangelists

    With chief evangelist Stephan Grabmeier, we develop tools & workshop formats for HR people to (re)lead their organizations.

  • Community wigwam


    Our office family friends in Berlin Wedding and sparring partner for online campaining strategies.

  • Community bleech


    Our favorite partner when it comes to web development for challenging projects. Yet they also build simpler websites, like this one.

  • Community 10hoch16


    The design studio 10hoch16 is our favorite partner when we are to create interactive & surprising physical environments for events.

  • Community bathenjelden


    We enjoy collaborating with Jörg Jelden on projects that involve a great amount of publishing, research & trend consulting.

  • Community global-shapers

    Global Shapers

    We’re delighted to interact with the young global change makers community of the World Economic Forum.

  • Community jovoto


    With jovoto, we focus on how to effectively leverage external networks to solicit, refine, and select ideas for innovation via crowd storms.

  • Community uni-herdecke

    Uni Witten/Herdecke

    The private university is one of our most important network hubs regarding modern philosophies and economical & health trends.

  • Community zeppelin

    Zeppelin University

    The work of Prof. Dirk Baecker and his institute often serve us as a theoretical backbone of our work.

  • Community more-than-shelters


    We support social entrepreneurship in general and the nonprofit association morethanshelters in particular with coaching + sparring.

  • Community muenz-salon


    Münzsalon is our preferred Berlin Salon for events and discourse platforms

How do we enable our clients to leave their organizational routines and begin to ignore gravity?

We don’t believe that there’s a single “innovation process”, which magically turns everyone into a collaborative superhero. But we don’t want to build a  consulting empire around one methodology anyway.

What gets us really excited when we work with our clients: handcrafting a smart format for each project that defies the specific gravities in the best possible manner. To achieve this, we utilize and combine a broad range of tools, approaches and inspirations from different domains.

  • anthropology


    Participant observation is one of our favourite methodologies, when it comes to some real “field work” with our clients. Being part of the game while observing what’s going on is something we really enjoy.

  • social-networks

    Social Networks

    A considerable part of our work is to build (better) connections between people. That’s why we spend lots of energy to explore, use and create social networks – online and offline.

  • improvisation


    We believe that careful planning makes every project better. But as we work with complex social systems and human beings, a great flow often calls for great improvisational skills. Something we love.

  • art-music

    Art & Music

    We get a lot of inspiration through art & music – something that we always try to embed in our formats & work.

  • x-generations


    We generally strive for great diversity. We believe in the power of learning & working within more than two generations.

  • open-source

    Open Source

    As we often benefit from external collaboration, input & ideas, we try to share as much of our work as possible in an open source manner.

  • open-innovation

    Open Innovation

    There are always more smart people outside your organization than within. That’s why we don’t only consult on open innovation, but also frequently apply it ourselves.

  • prototyping


    We try to prototype, test and iterate everything, even processes and formats. We operate as a lean consulting studio, adapting the methodology of the lean startup.

  • systems-theory

    Systems Theory

    As a kind of conceptual umbrella, modern systems theory serves us as a reliable guide when it comes to all those questions concerning the complexity of society, organizations and their ongoing transitions.

Our projects start: with a challenging question

We’ve worked with large corporations, family run businesses, start-ups, NGOs, agencies and universities. We’ve designed & facilitated strategy workshops, (un)conferences, art exhibitions, learning journeys and innovation camps. We’ve kick-started communities and accompanied whole merger processes. But there’s one thing every project has in common. It’s a challenging question that can only be answered by ignoring the existing fields of gravity.

  • arvato
    How to start a community of international HR professionals across countries & functions?
  • axel springer
    How does our ReLead Canvas help HR to understand the future challenges of next leadership?
  • google
    How can we create a ConSensus to boost Germany’s innovation climate?
  • versicherungskammer bayern
    How does the digital transformation effect the model of insurances?
  • Coca Cola
    How to design an event dramaturgy about and beyond happiness?
  • hamburg-kreativ
    How can young (<30) and older (60+) creatives inspire each other?
  • bertelsmann
    Can HR professionals experience the future of work in one afternoon?
  • agd
    Can designers and teachers collaborate to not kill kids’ creativity in school?
  • telekom
    Can a dedicated innovation space change the corporate culture?
  • heraeus
    How to transform a traditional family business into an agile company?
  • munich-re
    How can you feed a market leader with entrepreneurial spirit?
  • alcatel
    Does 1 + 1 really equal 3 in a merger process?
  • daimler
    How to prepare leaders to cope with uncertainty?
  • graz
    How does the future of cities look like?
  • a1
    Do different company cultures sum up to a new entity?
  • fantan
    How to tie a start-up incubator program into an established conference?
  • giz
    How to ignore the gravity when it comes to strategy development?
  • palomar
    How to prototype a working world of the GenerationY?
  • universal music
    How to steer a global management meeting from asset driven to human centered innovation?

We are able to work on intrapreneurship with our clients because we’re entrepreneurs ourselves.

During our daily work, we often come across situations that make us wonder: “Why is there not a tool / platform / event / medium that does XY in a better way – or at all”. If we figure out: we wouldn’t be our only lonesome customers, but there are plenty of other people with the same desire, we stick to Richard Branson’s working ethos:
Screw it, let’s do it.

  • How do creative spaces become aware of each other on a global level?
  • Can we create a magazine that triggers the discourse about the Next Society?
  • How can corporate innovation labs learn from each other and build a community?
  • How to design a sustainable innovation processes?
  • How can we unsuck & inspire the planning experience of events?
  • How can we gather people from different domains to share knowledge in a participatory way?
  • How to create a conference that walks the talk about the “Next Society”?

Feeling like you want to ignore gravity with us?

We’d love to hear from you. We’re always looking for curious & dedicated people that work together with us on our projects.


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